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Located at Rwanda’s geographical heart, lies Kigali City, one of the cleanest, safest and friendliest cities in Africa.

Kigali is the capital of Rwanda and the country’s most important business center and also the main port of entry. The City is made up of three districts namely Gasabo, Kicukiro and Nyarugenge. It is presently inhabited by approximately 1.2 million inhabitants.

It is normal to trek every first and third Sunday of the month to reduce exhaust fumes released in the city as well as encourage physical exercise.

If you need something to keep you busy at night, it is important to note that the night is always young and full of wonders in Kigali. From live music to loud music and from tasty cocktails to Primston beer, the night just goes on and on.

It takes two to tango and you shouldn’t explore the City of Kigali alone. Not because of security issues (Kigali is safe) but because why be alone when you can have company?

Dating and marriage in Kigali

Kigali city has a romantic ambiance to it. The people in this city are morally upright thus matters related to sex are often shunned. Even though the women in this city are insanely beautiful, compliments about her achievement are highly regarded as opposed to their beauty. However, this does not mean you should not also praise her beauty and grace.

Women in their early to late 20s are busy studying or starting work therefore are more open to casual relationships as opposed to women in their 30s who want a solid relationship leading to marriage. Women above the age of 25 are mostly married with a family of their own. The women are known for their loyalty, therefore make good marriage partners.

Rwandese women are among the most beautiful women on the planet. Their youthful looks, long necks, slim sexy bodies and dripping wet pussies. Yes! Rwandese women can squirt like crazy and are masters of love making. Walking with one locked arm in arm exploring the sights and sounds of Kigali will make you feel like you are on top of the world.

Prostitution and escorts in Kigali

K club is one of the busiest clubs in the city not only for its services but also because of other services that can be procured apart from drinks. The ladies of the night in all their glory know that they will get their next meal ticket from there therefore they dress to impress leaving nothing to the imagination as they show their customers what they are paying for.

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