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This town is just at the border of Congo to the north of Lake Kivu. Since Rwanda is a landlocked country, there is no beach. However, this town is the closest you will feel to a beachside. It is located in the Western province in Rubavu district and it is its capital.

The town is quaint and Instagram-worthy from the needless green vegetation of the tea plantation to the sandy beach of Lake Kivu. The town is busy with people traveling into and out of it to Congo.

Gisenyi Nightlife

The night is young and full of wonders in this town. A glass of Skol or Mutzig will welcome you to what the night has in store for you. The sounds of Nigerian Afropop or hip-hop beckon you to move to the beat. Here are some of the places to hang out at night:

  • ThaiJazz just from its name is where you enjoy jazz music at Lake Kivu. What tops this experience is the beach setting.
  • Bikini Tam Tam is another club in Lake Kivu that serves amazing cocktails. It is a favorite among the locals.
  • Chez Nyanja has people all the way from DRC coming to party during the weekends. There are different music genres played like hip hop, afro-beats and rumba that let the people get lost as they dance the night away.
  • Green place bar has a stock variety of alcohol both local and international therefore the choices are varied.
  • Cotton club has salsa, karaoke and rumba night and amazing cocktails to down while enjoying these theme nights.

The LGBTQ community in the town has an organisation called Other Sheep Rwanda, which has enables the LGBTQ to live in less fear than they did before. It provides a safe space for the sexual minority group as well as a platform where they find social acceptance.

Prostitution in Gisenyi

Gisenyi is at the DRC – Rwanda border, where cross-border trade thrives. During the night, food products are not the only commodity sold as women who trade at that hour might be at risk of forced prostitution or rape. The women in this trade at the border face physical, sexual and economical abuse. They are Rwandan and Congolese hookers, usually serving truck drivers and traders.

Exotic escorts in Gisenyi

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