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This is a neighbourhood in Kigali, which serves as a gateway to the Eastern province of Rwanda. It is also home of Kigali’s ‘red light city’ where the best entertainment spots are. Remera is know for the famous Kigali Proposal, where people believe that ‘If you break it (virginity), you must own it (her).’ This has forced many couples to get married just because the lady fell pregnant out of wedlock. So if you are seeing a lady in Remera, just ensure that she does not get pregnant otherwise welcome to Kigali Proposal!

Nightlife in Remera

Remera residents are as active at night as they are during the day. They are sports enthusiasts, with the Amahoro Stadium providing an avenue for a daily dose of exercise. If you want to meet new people after work, go to this stadium and you will sure meet some friends trying to burn calories.

If you believe in the famous quote by Ernest Hemingway, “Night life is when everybody says what the hell and you do not remember who paid the bill,” then look out for these nightlife spots in Remera;

  • Fuschia is one of the popular places in town with a rotation of Djs meaning that you will be dancing off your feet to different genres of music mixed in unique ways.
  • Rosty club is a favourite with its loud music and variety of genres like hip hop, local music, afrobeats, dancehall, reggae and RnB. It is open from Thursday to Sunday.
  • Bel Air is known for its amazing cocktails and pair it with a brochette and your night just got better.
  • Red Light District is the heart of nightlife with different bars lined on the street with sounds of music and people mingling can be heard with them holding a pint of beer.
  • Piccadilly is one of the ‘nice’ bars in the neighbourhood and is praised for its chicken.

Prostitution in Remera

Migina Street never sleeps and you will encounter men of different economic backgrounds. The men are businessmen, construction workers or motorcyclists who come to the street that never sleeps.

However, most have an ulterior motive to their visit which is to get services from the ladies of the night. This is the hotspot of Kigali’s sex work, where women walk down a dark road towards residential areas waiting for the men to follow them.

There is a condom booth just around the corner to prevent the sex workers and their clients from having ‘live sex’ (unprotected sex). If there is a scarcity and desperation to earn something that night, the women have live sex as long as it brings to the table.

Online escorts in Remera

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